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About Us

Who are Oxford Social Impact?

Oxford Social Impact is a student-run society at Oxford University looking to make a difference.

Through our Social Impact Programme, we work with charities, NGOs, and non-profit organisations around the world, on projects that tackle socio-economic inequality.

Insights and Advocacy

Want to learn about a social issue but don't have the time to go to a talk or read a lengthy article about it?

We've got you covered with our short insights: 


Storytelling of the world's greatest issues and solutions empowered by data to produce eye-catching infographics. 

The perfect way to spend less than a minute of your day learning about an issue.

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Speakers and Career Events

During term time, we invite a range of speakers. From front-line workers, to leaders of charities and NGOs, and even corporate firms to talk about their social impact work.

Part of our mission is to inspire members to become advocates for social change.


Hearing from those that have dedicated their lives and careers towards it is just one way of achieving this.

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Social Impact Programme

Want the chance to make a difference?

To work directly with world's most impactful NGOs?

Our Social Impact Programme is for you.

During term time, OSI members will have the opportunity to work with a non-profit organisation on a social impact project. You and your team of 5, will conduct research, generate creative ideas, and present your innovative solutions directly to leaders of the organisation.

Along the way, OSI will offer all support and training needed, including:

  • OSI branded templates to help build your final presentation.

  • Learning how to build frameworks to solve complex challenges.

  • Presentational skills and understanding how impactful storytelling empowered by data can be.

Benefits of being on the Social Impact Programme:

  • ​An opportunity to work with people at NGOs, charities, and nonprofits.

  • A chance to make a real impact. Through your work you will be influencing organisations whose decisions could affect millions across the world. 

  • Develop a wide range of skills. From learning how to approach complex challenges, researching and analysing data, to presenting your findings and recommendations to the client - there is opportunity to learn a lot.

Programme Timeline

Week -1

Oxford Social Impact works with the client to create a project brief. This outlines the aims of the project, frequency of check-ins with the client, and initial instructions to get you and your team started.

Applications open and you're in! You and your team of 5 reads the project brief, has an introductory call with the client, and spends the following 6 weeks working to find creative solutions that achieve the project goals.


Along the way, you'll have weekly check-ins with the client and OSI will offer extensive training and skills workshops. We will be there to support you at any point if things get difficult.

Week 0 - 6
Week 7 - 8

OSI provides you with PowerPoint and Word templates to help you build your presentation.


The team presents their final deliverable to the client, highlighting their research, methodology, and outcomes. You're done!

Join us

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Interested in joining?

No matter your year, subject, or background - if you're a student at Oxford University, joining us is simple!

By joining, you'll have access to:

  1. Exclusive careers and speaker events.

  2. Our unique insights into global issues and their solutions.

  3. Applications for our termly Social Impact Programme.

And more...

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Oxford Social Impact Roles

Want to get a little more involved?

We're always looking for new members!

Unfortunately, no roles are currently being advertised however we would still love to hear from you.


Contact us below with your CV and interests and we'll get back to you with more information on when applications will reopen, and keep you in our records for when they do!

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OSI completed research that we otherwise would not have achieved. With their results and recommendations, we've established new partnerships essential to our grantmaking in support of refugee initiatives in east Africa.

Social Impact Programme Client, MT 2020

Working with us

Interested in working with Oxford Social Impact?

We run our 6 week Social Impact Programme every academic term. October - December, January - March, and April - June.


We aim to have a client confirmed the month before a term starts, and we work with you to build a suitable project brief for our students.


If you are interested in being a client on our Social Impact Programme or speaking at one of our events, get in contact with us by clicking the link below.

We will arrange a call to discuss, answer any questions you may have, and work with you on the next steps!