About us

Oxford Social Impact was founded in 2020 by a group of students at Oxford University wanting to make a difference.

We were inspired by the work of student-run consultancies at Oxford, such as CapitOx and OSG, and saw that students were keen to produce high-quality work for clients, free of charge.

So we came up with our Social Impact Programme.

An opportunity for teams of students to work exclusively with non-profit clients on projects that tackle global social inequality, and where this pro bono work would have the greatest social impact.

Michaelmas 2020 saw the launch of our Social Impact Programme, where a team of 5 worked with a US charity to help improve their grant-making process to refugee-led organisations in East Africa.

Our next programme will be running again soon with a wide range of exciting non-profit organisations!

Our Mission

Our missions can be broken down into 3 main goals:

  1. To be an advocate for social change through our research, insights, and speaker events.

  2. To help students achieve careers where social impact is valued.

  3. Provide exclusive opportunities for our members to work with non-profit clients and make a global impact they can call their own.

We hope to build a scalable model of students working with non-profits as an extra-curricular activity. 


This will one day allow a student at any University in the U.K. to participate in our Social Impact Programme.

Sound interesting?

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